Below are some of the websites that I helped developed during my employment at Creekside:

  1. PSAC Canada
  2. NCPS Canada
  3. MHIC (Mental Health Innovations Consulting)
  4. Polaris Wealth
  5. Enerchoice
  6. ChildCare2020
  7. GradeA
  8. GoodFood2U (also known as gdfd2u)
  9. Bridgepoint Effect
  10. OHPC
  11. KineMedics
  12. Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC)
  13. CLIC Consultants
  14. 25One Community
  15. Bourret Apparaisals
  16. SportOttawa

Please contact me directly if you wish to inquire further details regarding my role on the completion of the projects mentioned above while employed at Creekside.